Logistics, relocations and hospitality sectors

The supply chain, logistics, removals, transport, warehousing, courier and distribution industry is the very backbone of business and sits within the Relocations, Shipping and Logistics sector. Without this critical element of commerce, goods would not move from supplier to buyer and then ultimately to the consumer.

This fast moving and vital part of industry, holds many career opportunities in all kinds of disciplines from being a warehouse person, to planning the distribution of goods to worldwide destinations. Undoubtedly, the supply, storage and distribution of goods is what makes business work and so the industry itself attracts people from all kinds of backgrounds and professions. 

 Relocation is now very common, and the sector is growing. The level of work in the UK can be affected by fluctuations in the housing market.

At BMS Employment, we provide to and behave with all our clients with high quality and dignity staff supply’s services, regardless of the size or location of the company.

We can offer you supply of fully trained, experienced and screened:

  • Removals staff
  • Logistic staff
  • Delivery staff
  • Cleaning staff 
  • Hospitality staff